Mr. Prem Dwivedi

Mr. Praful Dwivedi

With a wealth of 18 years of work experience in customs and dock operations, Mr. Praful brings with him an in-depth and valuable understanding of processes and procedures at the Indian Custom Houses, ports and docks. 

Mr. Praful has been instrumental in diversifying Navbharat across geographies, commodities, introducing new technologies, innovations and techniques. Navbharat success over the years reflects Mr. Praful’s total commitment to the customer. His focus area is to deliver superior quality service and good value for our customers.

Mr. Prashant Dwivedi

Armed with specialization in logistics and International Business from India’s premier business school IIM Calcutta and a 14 years of great work experience, Mr. Prashant has supply chain and technology experience with top multinationals like Microsoft, Deloitte etc. Prashant’s understanding of the law ensures that our customers are compliant with the ever-changing regulations at all times. 

Mr. Prashant has extensive experience in International Logistics. This includes freight forwarding, Customs Clearance, Transportation etc. across sectors and various ports in India and abroad.

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